Client Overview

Originally founded in 1979, GCI is Alaska’s largest provider of internet services with cable modem, wireless and dedicated access. The company employs over 2000 Alaskans and has a current run rate of $800 million. In early 2015, GCI acquired rival telecommunications company, Alaska Communications for $300 million.

Project Summary

Working to very tight deadlines, we delivered custom firmware for the Samsung Galaxy S6 around the same date the device was due to launch at rival carriers, T-Mobile and AT&T. Being able to offer the latest ‘must-have’ smartphone around the time of its release enabled GCI to compete on a level playing field. The project wasn’t without its share of challenges. New security measures put in place by Samsung meant that modifications were more complex than usual. The team worked around the clock to ensure the project completed on time.

The Problem

The original agreed deadline for the project, was on the understanding that we acquired sample handsets two weeks prior to the proposed ‘launch date’. Unfortunately, Samsung had a strict policy in place, meaning the devices reached us with only a few days to go before the planned launch. Additionally, Samsung added a new layer of bootloader security to its Exynos range. Intended to prevent attacks, these changes made firmware modification particularly challenging.

The Solution

Our teams of specialists from two continents worked together, around the clock to solve problem after problem. Fuelled by a strong desire to understand how things work and to exceed the expectations of their customers, the teams were able to discern the causes and implement timely solutions to the problems.

The Outcome

The project was a huge success. GCI were able to launch the device on the date originally specified. This was despite the aforementioned restrictions placed on distributors by Samsung.

The whole experience was great. Very good communication throughout, and the few issues we found in the device were addressed immediately.

Thomas L. StruderGeneral Manager - Product

They have been excellent partners. They’ve always been positive and focused on helping GCI grow our business.

Thomas L. StruderGeneral Manager - Product