Client Overview

Cellular One was formed in 2005 with a mission to provide real value to consumers and businesses in markets that were significantly underserved. Cellular One is one of the largest and most successful regional wireless carriers in the United States, serving customers in Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Montana and Wyoming.

Project Summary

When Cellular One MTPCS acquired the Los Angeles market of the company, it was to issue new SIM cards to its customers in order to migrate them over to the new services. Simply sending out new SIM cards would have caused a significant number of customers to lose their data connections due to the missing Access Point Name (APN) in the firmware. Cellular One MTPCS approached UltiMobile with this problem so that they were prepared in advance.

The Problem

As these devices were out in the field running OEM firmware, an OTA (Over-The-Air) update could not be issued. As such, we were tasked to come up with an in-the-field, fast and painless solution to the problem, which could be easily operated by sales representatives in the regional stores at the time of the conversion.

The Solution

Our software development team put together a modified version of its existing, comprehensive in-house firmware suite, Dashboard. This modified version was meant to be customer-facing and most importantly, very easy to use. The application was extremely simple to install and run, and after some feedback from Cellular One MTPCS, we were able to carry out the entire solution in one click; with minimal interaction from the sales representative.

The Outcome

The project was a success. The one-click solution we provided meant that Cellular One MTPCS was adequately prepared for its customers when they visited stores to have their APN settings input. The software was ready prior to the completion of the acquisition, which saved a significant amount of customer complaints and problems.

Very good. You listened to our needs and met them in time for the conversion.

Jeff GreerCellular One - MTPCS

If we ever find an issue they are quick to resolve. They’re easy to work with and always respond quickly.

Jeff GreerCellular One - MTPCS